Green Island Naturals – 4:1 Low Solvent Tranquillus

$35.00 $25.00

240mg CBD, 60mg THC

15 ml bottle

16mg CBD, 4mg THC per ml


Organic flowers infused into carrier oils without the use of any solvents. This preserves the naturally occurring terpenes found in buds, producing a unique and versatile MCT/olive oil based tincture that can be eaten or used topically.

Made with thoroughly purged THC and CBD extracts. Extracts are diluted into organic carrier oils with no added sugars or solvents.

A full dropper contains 1 ml (16mg CBD, 4mg THC). First time users should start with no more than half a dropper and wait up to 2 hours before consuming more.

240mg CBD, 60mg THC, 15ml bottle